December 27 General Mojo’s 24 hour jam fundraiser! We are excited to be part of this great annual event. Joining us will be various members of General Mojo’s (beside the one who is our regular bass player). Come on down and help us find the meaning of life!

February 11 Hale’s Ales  Cancelled due to inclement conditions. Join the rest of us fools on April 1!

February 23 The Coop on Vashon island. Back we go to our favorite chicken coop turned dinner theater/juke joint. Potluck dinner party starts at 6. Music at 7

February 27 Triple Door Cabaret Gala This year’s opening event will be on the MainStage at the Triple Door. We are looking forward to another opening night with Arnaldo! and the rest!

April 1 Hale’s Ales  More dance fun. Don’t forget the fresh beer and great tacos! Dancing and music start at 7:30

April 19 Triple Door Musicquarium  Back for more cocktail hour fun. Let us help you ease into your post work happy place. 5-7:30

Sweet Spot Combo, searching for truth.